How to find a book your kids will love


With so many books to pick from and so little time how can we find the right ones? I decided to share some strategies I use when picking books for my kids.

Here is my ORGANIZED approach.

  1. I go over each book from Scholastic Books order catalog my kids bring home from school from time to time and check it’s reviews on Amazon.
  2. If I like what I hear, I write down the name of the book in my Notes app on my iPhone.
  3. Next time I am at our local library, I try to find a book from my list.
  4. If my kids enjoy reading it, I read reviews (Amazon again) of all the books of that author and check out the ones that looks promising at my local library.

Here is my SPONTANEOUS approach.

  1. When I am at a library and have no idea what to pick, I come to any book shelf and start going through books one by one.
  2. I use Amazon app to “Search” each book with “Scan It” feature. It is so fun to scan book’s barcode!
  3. I read the book’s reviews on Amazon.
  4. If I like the reviews, I give the book a try!
  5. I pick more than one book before heading out of the library. I like to give my kids and myself more options in case some books won’t work for us.

Let the Peace Be with You!