Katy Kelly

My daugther (9) enjoyed a Lucy Rose series (4 books) by Katy Kelly.

Written in diary form (easy for younger kids to finish small entries) and in kids words, each book is a new adventure for Lucy Rose. In this series kids are smart and funny and independent.

While checking out more books of Lucy Rose series from the library, I noticed that Katy Kelly has a boy oriented series as well – Melonhead (3 books).

I checked one book from that series as well. My daughter got very excited when she saw it. She explained that Melonhead is one of the characters from Lucy Rose books.

The series seems a perfect opposite to Lucy Rose. In it kids are smart, funny, creative and inventive.

She and my son (10) ended up reading all 3 books of Melonhead series.

I read the first book. I admit, I giggled a lot. I even re-told my husband some funny parts of the story.

Let the Peace Be with You! And Happy Reading!