Louis Sachar

My kids (9 and 10) went crazy about Louis Sachar  (pronounced Sacker) books after we had discovered Wayside School Series at our local library.

Each book is a collection of short stories describing a particular person. Each story is like a fable with exquisitely done details. The situations seem ridiculous, but a nugget of truth woven into the fabric of each one.

Then we gulped up The Marvin Redpost Series. This series contains 8 books for beginning/intermediate readers. Each book is an easy read with short interesting chapters.

After that there was There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom and Holes!

It was hard to put kids to bed in the evening, they begged to have another 5 minutes. My son would wake up earlier in the morning, so he can read some more.

Let the Peace Be with You! And Happy Reading!