Best of Mexico

If you are planning a trip to discover Mexico, first you need to realize that it is a big country. How big? Honestly, you won’t be able to see and experience the most amazing places even if you decide to live there for a year. I spent 6 month actively exploring one of Mexico’s sizable chunks and it wasn’t nearly enough. My advice is to turn your visiting Mexico adventure into your new tradition. Come every year for a few weeks of exploring a different part of it. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Is Mexico safe? Mexico territory is divided into 32 states. Some states are safer to visit than the others. Each state safety level is directly related to the prosperity level of its population or the lack of it. Poverty pushes desperate people to become worse versions of themselves. In my recommendations I will avoid any state that is considered unsafe for tourism.

Mexico climate and landscape is desert-like in the north, tropic-like in the south and mild and wonderful in-between. This “in-between” is the true heartland of Mexico with it’s perfect weather, crazy history and mind-bending archeology. It might come as a surprise, but it is mostly “in-between” is where ancient civilizations rose and fell. Desert-like states in the north besides California, New Mexico and Texas that are now part of the United States, were always scarcely inhabited. Could it be the reason why American Army had no trouble marching to Mexico City during Mexican-American War of 1846-1848?

Well, here are my ideas and recommendations on what to see on your adventures, broken down by state.

Querétero State

Duration: 10 days

Guanajuato State

Duration: 10 days

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