Magical Towns

Querétaro State

6 Magical Towns

🎇 Amealco🎇 San Sebastian
🎇 Tequisquiapan🎇 San Joaquin
🎇 Cadereyta🎇 Jalpan de Serra

Querétaro State


Amealco (“Place of Springs” in Nahuatl) is one of the state’s oldest settlement. It was founded in 1538 by two Otomi chiefs, Conin and Montañez, who represented Spain.

🚗 40 mi from the capital, Santiago de Queretero 🌲Flat with rolling hills

Why visit?

🏺 Amealco municipality has the highest concentration of Otomi people, with almost 80% of the State’s total. You can buy handcrafted dolls, pottery and textiles at the shops around the center of the town.

🏺 Visit the Doll Museum. Originally, it were Otomí women who invented the popular doll. The museum has more than 300 hundred varieties of dolls made by different cultures of Veracruz, Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca and more.

🎦 The main squire has a grand temple of Santa Maria. During the weekends, a FREE projection show about is played on the temple’s walls about Otomi people at 8:30 pm.

🌲 Visit “Cerro de los Gallos” park for some biking, zip-lining, climbing, skateboarding.

🏺 Visit the oasis of crafts workshops of San Ildefonso Tultepec (10 km) and participate in a workshop to make your own pottery and dolls.

🗿 San Ildefonso Tultepec (10 km) has ruins of an abandoned temple built in the XVIII century, a great place to hike to and explore.

Querétaro State


Known for its hot springs, wine and cheese, the town attracts visitors from Mexico City on weekends.

🚗 39 km from the capital, Santiago de Queretero 🌲 Flat with rolling hills

Why visit?

🗺️ Tour Plaza Miguel Hidalgo, visit the temple of Santa Maria, and temple of Our Lady of Sorrows, explore mansions and stroll through iconic arches.

🗿 Find the monument that marks the center point of Mexico country.

🏺 Visit Handicraft Market for ceramic, leather, opal, woven fabrics and traditional baskets made of wicker and palm.

💎 Tour the Opal Mines and visit Opal Workshops.

🌲 Take a trip in a hot-air balloon.

🌲 Visit “La Pila” park (a recreational park)

🧀 National Cheese and Wine Fair


🎇San Sebastian

Querétaro State

🎇San Joaquin

San Joaquín is a picturesque quiet town, nestled in the mountains of Sierra Gorda, some 135 kilometers from the City of Queretero.

Why visit?

💃🏽 Every year in April, the town hosts the National Dance Competition of Huasteco.

🗿 Two archeological zones of Ranas and Toluquilla.

⛰️ Hiking and Lookouts: Miradors de San Joaquín, de San Antonio, San Cristobal.

🌲 Waterfalls and Caves: Grutas Los Herrera, Grutas La Esperanza (guide required)

🎇Jalpan de Serra

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