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Research◇3. Colloidal Silver. Part 2.

On September 5, 2022, my husband and I leaving for Eastern Europe for a 3-month hiking trip through Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. We want to hike their side of the Alps. Once again, we are going to carry everything on our backs. For this reason I want to minimize the things containing Colloidal Silver I pack. In my previous post Research◇2. Colloidal Silver. Part 1. I already explained that I took Silver Lozenges, soap and gel with me on our Mexico trip. This time I am planning to taking even less. Can I improve on my health supporting products without sacrificing the strength?Is it possible to take a very concentrated silver solution that can be used internally and externally? Let’s find out. This is the result of my research.

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Disclaimer: This guide contains references to products. Such references are not endorsements or referrals of any kind.

How Dangerous is Colloidal Silver?

There are many benefits of Colloidal Silver. Let’s explore the side-effects first. The Internet is full of warning against use of silver. The most easiest and cheapest way to make it is to run electricity through water with a chunk of solid silver in it. This way, you get water filled with positively charged silver ions. The bactericidal and antiseptic effect of silver ions on skin was scientifically proven. However, it is toxic for prolonged use, causing a permanent bluish-gray discoloration of the skin (argyria) or eyes (argyrosis), toxic effects, like liver and kidney damage, irritation of the eyes, skin, respiratory, and intestinal tract, and changes in blood cells. Yuck! This alone whats me to stop this research and throw away all the products I own with Colloidal Silver.

But then I discover silver nanoparticles – neutral coated silver particles that are stable and incredibly small. A Potent antiviral effect of silver nanoparticles on SARS-CoV-2 study concludes that silver nanoparticles( size:10 nm) damaged virus at concentrations ranging between 10 and 100 ppm. Yet another study Anti-tumor activity of colloidal silver on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells suggests that colloidal silver might be a potential alternative agent for human breast cancer therapy. Yet another, Efficacy of silver nanoparticles against the adults and eggs of monogenean parasites of fish reports damage observed to adult parasites and eggs, which are tolerant to any anti-parasite drugs we have to date. Well, nanoparticles look promising. What is the damage here? Based on the studies, coated silver nanoparticles have been demonstrated to be the least damaging even at 50 ppm in mammalian cells.

It looks like there is more than one kind of liquid silver solutions. And some kinds could be more toxic than others. Currently, there are 30+ brands selling silver solutions on Amazon. How can I find the right one?

Ingredients, Anyone?

If you look at the ingredients, most of them list only distilled water and silver. However, the color of silver liquids vary dramatically for different manufacturers from transparent to golden yellow, brown, tan or gray. How can that be?

First, there seems to be 3 types of PURE silver solution: Protein, Ionic, and True Colloidal. And then, there are infinite combinations of them in different proportions. Even food coloring can be thrown in to fake the appearance and rise the product’s concentration measurement. One reviewer questioned if the silver solution he bought was diluted by vitamin B. And, the ingredient label does not list it, or any others, because by FDA regulations companies does not have to list an ingredient if it is just under the certain amount. On top of it, no regulations or quality control is enforced on the production. That is is the huge problem as no-one can verify if the product is even real.

How Strong is the Concentration?

The manufactures print silver concentration in Parts Per Million of 99.9% Pure Silver on the packaging and nutritional labels. When looking at the concentration that is stated on the bottle, 10 ppm is a weaker solution than 30 ppm. The higher concentration solution like 1000 ppm are supposed to be used by literally drops or dissolved in water to make weaker solutions.

Going through the reviews I noticed that some customers have special meters that can measure the concentration. (Some even went farther and bought kits and produce the silver water solution themselves.) I am going to state all customers’ readings for any product I read reviews on. In general, I have found that the manufacturers’ stated levels of concentration to be on average twice as higher than the actual, and different batches of the product vary significantly.

A 50 ppm is the recommended serving.

Is it a Protein Silver?

Disclaimer: This guide the result of my personal research from information available to anyone on Amazon online store only. I did not communicate directly with any of the brand included, nor tested their products’ chemical qualities. I might be wrong about any brand, the type of protein they produce and its quality.

The easiest to spot is the Protein Silver.

Sometimes, a company puts the protein officially on the list, like Ultra Silver®. While trying the make higher concentration solutions silver molecules start to join together forming larger particles. Protein (possibly gelatin or glycerine) coats the separate molecules, preventing them from conglomeration. Ultra Silver®’s protein helps to stabilize the silver in the insanely high concentrations of 10,000 ppm. However, the protein also adds up to the ppm reading, making it impossible to know the true silver concentrate in the product.

Silver molecules, covered in protein, might be less effective. They might be a cause of sudden allergy, as one customer claimed for Ultra Silver® product. A silver protein is the one type that can also result in argyria, a permanent skin condition from the silver build up.

The first give away that the solution might have protein-coated-silver is brown color. But to know for sure, you can use a shake test. If after a few shales the solution develops foam, it has protein.

Here are some that I spotted right away:

Ultra Silver®
Supposed: 500 ppm
Actual: 30 ppm, 60 ppm, 66 ppm, 76 ppm and 100 ppm.
Extra ingredient: protein;
Stains skin;
Sprayer breaks;
Silver Wings
Actual: 70 ppm, 163 ppm, 195ppm, 200 ppm, 230 ppmExtra ingredient: protein;
Stains skin;
Bad flavor/taste
Doesn’t work
Miracles of Health Nano Colloidal Silver
50 ppm
Extra ingredient: protein;
Warning for argyria: do not consume for more than 14 days!
ENP 1,100ppmNo extra ingredients listed but the strength is too high!
Dark in color, like iodine
Very good on skin
Brands With Protein Silver

Is it Ionic Silver?

Ionic Silver is produced by electrolysis when one electron was taking away from each Silver Atom, making the atoms become positively charged and repeal each other. That makes a stable but short lived solution. As soon as such atoms get into human digestive system they easily form salts and loose their effectiveness of killing any virus. The best chance Ionic Silver got to be effective is during topical applications.

To know if it Ionic, you can use a salt test. If after adding a sprinkle of salt to the solution, it becomes cloudy, it contains Ionic Silver.

The color of Ionic silver solution can range from clear to tint of color, yellow or even brown depending on the quality of the water used and time spent in electrolysis process.

Triquetra Health StoreBioactive Silver Ions
Extra ingredient: Fulvic trace mineral complex;
Silver Holistics Recapture Your HealthIonic with yellow tint
This didn’t pass the milk test.
Heals skin issues
Brands With Ionic Silver

Is it True Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver solution contains Neutral Silver Particles. The most important factor while choosing the solution is the size of its silver particles, with the extremely small being the best. The effectiveness of this type of silver comes from its contact with biomaterial. Silver connects to some receptors, breaking cells/organism communications. Smaller particles have a higher damaging potential. They can damage some types of mammalian cells as well. Some silver manufacturers on Amazon claim that their product is safe and even probiotic friendly if you follow the recommended serving size. I think, it is a good idea to take probiotics a few hours after taking silver.

Each solver solution contains some limited amount of silver. If the amount of the silver is the same, what is better: the large number of smaller particles or the small number of large particles? The product with the large number of smallest particles has better chances of silver contact with a virus or a bacteria or a cancer cell. It also reduces the size of the damage to our healthy cells. On the other hand, if the silver particles are to scarce and too big, they can make people sick while reducing the chance of coming into contact with a virus! So, the correct silver size particle is the key to be the safest and the most effective when taken internally. To be truly labeled a colloidal the solution must have particles ranging at or below 9 nm, as anything larger than 9nm cannot pass through the nuclear membranes pores. Also, skin and mucosal membranes posses a real challenge for nanoparticles to get through, as they highjack transportation of any foreign materials.

True Colloidal Silver solution is clear with no color. Imagine tiny shiny reflective silver particles flowing in the water. You won’t see any color, but may notice extra shines. Any color tint indicates either it is contaminated with other substances to falsely inflate ppm measuring.

Is it a Combination?

Most manufacturers sell the combination on Ionic and Colloidal. Some manufacturers display their third party lab test results that specify the proportions. For example, SilverGuard disclaim it solutions to by 40% Ionic and 60% Neutral.

Let’s summarize:

Ingredientssilver particles, coated in protein, in waterpositively charged silver atoms in waterneutral silver particles in water
Particle Sizelargeextremely smallextremely small
clear like water,
tint of color,
yellow or brown due to time spent in electrolysis
clear like water
Internal Use❌ Safe
❌ Effective
Protein covers silver reducing effectiveness
✅ Safe
❌ Effective
Silver will not survive digestion
✅ Safe
✅ Effective
Shake Test✅ Foam❌ Foam❌ Foam
Salt Test❌ Cloudy✅ Cloudy❌ Cloudy
Qualities of Different Silver Solutions

Will it Feminize Marijuana Plants?

Yes! I found it to be an interesting indicator of potent Colloidal Silver Solution. Here is the list of product whose reviews mentioned someone’s attempted to feminizing his plants and was unsuccessful.

Pure Health Discounts
Brands That Failed to Affect Plants

My Way to Rate the Brands

Finally, after removing obvious brands that might not be True Colloidal, I made a list of what is left. Even with some weeding out done, I still got plenty of brands selling silver liquids on amazon online store. Now, I needed some measurable way of organizing the silver solutions. So, I chose the measure of Price I Pay for Serving and organized the table from the cheapest to the most expensive.

And, here is how I came up with the measuring formula. Every product with silver in it, contains certain amount of total dissolved silver. Total Silver amount can be calculated as the Size (ml) x PPM of 1ml. For example,

Trinity NutraLab‘s Total Silver in one 32oz bottle is 245,960parts (946ml x 260ppm), while

Silver Doc‘s Total Silver in one 32oz bottle is only 18,920parts (946ml x 20ppm).

In addition, both products are priced differently.

Trinity NutraLab‘s 245,960parts costs $32.81, making the Price of 1part =$0.0001334 ($32.81 / 24,5960ppm), while

Silver Doc‘s 18,920ppm costs $27.99, making the Price of 1part =$0.00148 ($27.99 / 18,920ppm).

I could stop here and it would be a good measurement, but, instead, I decide that it would be fun to see how much I would pay not for 1 part but for a recommended serving (single use with the strength of 50 ppm). So,

Trinity NutraLab‘s Price of one Serving would come to $0.00667 ($0.0001334×50), while

Silver Doc‘s Price of one Serving would come to $0.074 ($0.00148×50).

I understand that my formula to rate the brands might not be be best indicator for the quality of actual products, as I am not aware of the true differences in its silver manufacturing and can only work with the numbers that the brands officially released through their product info. However, based on the numbers, here is what I got.

Final List of Colloidal Silver Liquids

Disclaimer: All the data about the products was taking from each product’s Amazon page and its reviews. There is no guarantee that any of it is truthful. Use at your own risk.

Price For 50PPMLabel PPMparticle sizeCOMMENTS
$0.006710drops (0.5ml) with 130partsnano116ppm, 138ppm
clear like water
must be diluted for eyes and mouth!
Guardian Of
Eden 120
$0.007510drops (0.5ml) with 120partsnano223ppm
clear like water
must be diluted for eyes and mouth!
(946ml) $26.99
$0.047510ml with 300parts2nmionic (40%)
neutral (60%)
Silver Doc2-16oz
$0.0751ml with
.8nm6ppm, 9ppm, 10ppm
clear like water;
combination with ionic silver
$0.135ml with 100parts19.84nmclear like water
$0.145ml with 150partsnanoclear like water
My Doctor
$0.1610ml with 300parts?clear like water
Nano Ionic by
Silver Support
$0.1751ml with
3-5nmclear like water
8 oz
$0.1855ml with
.8-.5nmclear like water
great reviews
Double Wood Supplements4oz
$0.211ml with 20parts?tinted gold
Optivida16 oz
$0.225ml with 60parts5-10nm4ppm
Silver Shield
$0.245ml with 100parts?clear like water
$0.255ml with 50parts0.8nmclear like water
Recommended Supplements
16 oz
$0.2651ml with 12parts?2ppm
clear like water
$0.315ml with 300parts1nm2ppm, 3ppm, 8ppm
clear to pale gold
Nano Silver4-17 oz (2011ml)
$0.3110ml with
nano10ppm, 12ppm
plant feminizer
ionic (20%)
neutral (80%)
Sovereign64 oz
$0.345ml with 50parts0.8nmIons & 98% Colloidal 
clear like water
Argentyn 23®32 oz
$0.3455ml with 115parts0.8 nmclear like water
Biotech Labs
Silver Biotics
$0.395 ml with 50partsnano10ppm, 10ppm
great reviews
$0.855ml with 25parts2-4nmclear like water
$1.325ml with 10parts?
$2.1710ml with 30parts?tinted gold
Brands With Possible Colloidal Silver

Testing Phase

Now, I ordered the #2 from my list – Guardian Of Eden 120ppm – for its price per serving and crazy concentration of 240parts for 1 ml. This way, I hope, I can bring the small amount of liquid with me that gives one of the highest concentration of silver available on the market.

I also tried it out. I put it directly on my face and hands twice a day for a week now. I was a little worried about the high concentration of silver and was afraid my skin cells will be damaged. I felt a light tingling sensation. It gave my skin a drying out effect. That was it! I will use it with moisturizer.

The label says to dilute it for internal use. So, I diluted it to use in my eyes. Even when diluted, my eyes could feet that it is not simply water. The solution has some thickness to it, even though it looks like water. I also was drinking some in the morning and at night for a week now. There is almost no taste to it. My throat felt a little bit dry afterwards. So, a sucking on a spoon of honey should fix the dryness.

I will keep testing it and update the blog!

Stay safe! Stay healthy! Travel light!

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