Alan’s Gift Page

You are visiting this page because of Alan’s 2013 Swim-A-Thon campaign


Check out Alan’s Profile Page to DONATE!

All donations will go directly to the Sea Dragons Swim Club!

TO THANK YOU properly, Alan gives away FREE GIFTS. He spent MANY HOURS working on them. And he hopes they will bring MORE SMILES into your life.

So, Please Enjoy!

1. A “SwimmersHearts” DESKTOP WALLPAPER image made from one of Alan’s art works. Download it FREE for
iPhone 4 (Size: 162 KB)
iPad and iPad 2 (Size: 217 KB)
Desktop (1024×768) (Size: 143 KB)
Desktop (1280×1024) (Size: 199 KB)

2. A VIDEO clip “Things About Me” Alan put together with his mom’s help. Watch it on YouTube

Once again, THANK YOU!

2 thoughts on “Alan’s Gift Page

  1. Wow, Alan. I am so impressed on your fundraiser. It seems helpful for your team. I am very proud of you for making this fundraiser. Is Sasha also with you in this? Maybe I can help, too. I wish you to make a lot of money and swim very well. You are a very excellent swimmer, Alan. Thanks again.


    • Thank you for your comment. I really enjoyed it! I am very glad that you have decided to help my team. I got your $10. Thanks again.


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