How to find a book your kids will love


With so many books to pick from and so little time how can we find the right ones? I decided to share some strategies I use when picking books for my kids.

Here is my ORGANIZED approach.

  1. I go over each book from Scholastic Books order catalog my kids bring home from school from time to time and check it’s reviews on Amazon.
  2. If I like what I hear, I write down the name of the book in my Notes app on my iPhone.
  3. Next time I am at our local library, I try to find a book from my list.
  4. If my kids enjoy reading it, I read reviews (Amazon again) of all the books of that author and check out the ones that looks promising at my local library.

Here is my SPONTANEOUS approach.

  1. When I am at a library and have no idea what to pick, I come to any book shelf and start going through books one by one.
  2. I use Amazon app to “Search” each book with “Scan It” feature. It is so fun to scan book’s barcode!
  3. I read the book’s reviews on Amazon.
  4. If I like the reviews, I give the book a try!
  5. I pick more than one book before heading out of the library. I like to give my kids and myself more options in case some books won’t work for us.

Let the Peace Be with You!


Louis Sachar


My kids (9 and 10) went crazy about Louis Sachar  (pronounced Sacker) books after we had discovered Wayside School Series at our local library.

Each book is a collection of short stories describing a particular person. Each story is like a fable with exquisitely done details. The situations seem ridiculous, but a nugget of truth woven into the fabric of each one.

Then we gulped up The Marvin Redpost Series. This series contains 8 books for beginning/intermediate readers. Each book is an easy read with short interesting chapters.

After that there was There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom and Holes!

It was hard to put kids to bed in the evening, they begged to have another 5 minutes. My son would wake up earlier in the morning, so he can read some more.

Let the Peace Be with You! And Happy Reading!